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Update: Belajar menggunakan Fotopage

Hari aku ajar JC guna fotopage.

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Proton Persona GTR? (Pimp My Persona)



After (NEOARDI Approved)

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Mat Rempit in GT5?


Juara power tu.......

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Assassin's Creed Song

I love this great song. [Lonely Soul by Unkle]

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TRIPLE 7!!! cool!!!

Final Thesis
My Shiny PS3
Gaming Room
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First I would like to apologize for my bad grammar in English, i'm still learning though. (Aku saja nak belajar typing dalam English untuk future thesis...hehehe )

Almost a year I haven't done some updates in my Fotopages. It's all because of my passion toward video gaming stuff. Don't get me wrong, I still taking photograph as for capturing the essential moments/events but not as a hobby. I'm updating today because of the very cool date, the Triple 7 aka 070707 aka July 7th 2007 aka 7hb Julai 2007. And I also want to share whats been happening for the past one year.

I was so excited of having a PSP on July 2006, then at the same time, I'm quite busy finishing my final project/thesis......the title was "VIDEO GAMES INDUSTRIES: CASE STUDY OF SONY’S VIDEO GAMES CONSOLE" or in BM "INDUSTRI PERMAINAN VIDEO: KAJIAN KES KONSOL PERMAINAN VIDEO JENAMA SONY", and guess what , I managed to get 3.67

And then on December 2006, it's time for my convocation day.

And for January 2007, me and the whole family were busy moving to our new house at 43000 Kajang.

In the same month, I had made a decision to buy......a PS3!!! aka PS Triple aka PLAYSTATION3. on 17/01/2007

This shiny bugger keeps me busy since then. At the moment, I manage to have only few games liked on the Blu-Ray Disc>>> Resistance: Fall of Man, Ridge Racer 7, Motorstorm and games from PlayStation Network (PSN) that can be downloadable from PlayStation Store liked Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection HD, GTHD and fl0w. PS3 is really a next gen console with the built-in Blu-Ray player. Right now I only have two titles which is Ice Age 2 Meltdown and Mission: Impossible III.

As to maximize the capability of the PS3, I decided to bought a Full HD LCD TV, the Sony Bravia X 46"....It is a wonderful TV, i think i don't have to elaborate more about it, just look at the picture below.

Yeah, actually I don't have a social life....kinda pity huh....but for me its kinda blessing (kurang maksiat=kurang dosa).

Oh, I recently bought a Sony Ericsson P990i, what a great phone at a very unbelievable price. I bought at Low Yat Plaza. And I also bought it with a stereo bluetooth (A2DP) headset (iTech R35) and it works with some PS3 games.

And lastly, for anyone who really loves gaming, especially the Playstation, you can join my favorite forum, its called Low Yat Forum. It is one of the most active PlayStation community in Malaysia.

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